Matt's Place

Matt's Place Services

Matt’s Place will assist families and individuals ages 5-18 years old to work through challenging behavioral disorders in Outpatient Medication Management, Outpatient therapy, Partial Hospitalization (Day Treatment) setting, Intensive Outpatient Program, therapeutic after school program, or group therapies. 

The immediate goal of treatment is to manage problematic behaviors, and then offer follow up services in the form of individual and group therapies to help maintain progress and recognize any decline in behaviors which can be re-directed before significant interventions are necessary.

Partial Hospitalization (Day Treatment)

  • Operates during school hours

  • Supports school directed coursework and the IEP

  • Offers individual, family, group and milieu therapy

  • Includes music, art & pet therapy

  • Manages medications

  • Teaches sensory management skills

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

  • Offers a morning or afternoon block, during school hours

  • Runs concurrent with our day treatment program

  • Adjusts treatment schedule with a 5, 3, or 2 day/week option

  • Manages Medication

After School IOP

  • Includes Social Skills Groups

  • Individual and Family Therapy

  • Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday’s 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Outpatient Therapy Service

  • Provides family and individual therapy

  • Includes social skills, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), anger management and other groups

Diagnostic Evaluations

Includes Psychiatric evaluations, Neuropsychology and Psychological testing

outpatient Occupational Therapy

  • An individualized evaluation, during which the client/family and occupational therapist determine the person's goals

  • Customized intervention to improve the person's ability to preform daily activities and reach the goals, and

  • an outcomes evaluation to ensure that the goals are being met and/or make changes to intervention plan.

Consultations and Referrals

Consultation with, and referral to speech, dietitian, OT, PT, the child’s PCP and other professional care providers will be conducted as necessary. As appropriate, the educational provider should be included in discussions.

Social Skills Groups.

Ages 6-10

A small therapeutic group for elementary school age children who struggle with emotion regulation skills, problem solving skills and social skills. It is designed for kids who have verbal skills and the ability to participate in group instruction. The group will focus on basic emotion regulation skills, problem solving skills, and pro-social skills.  Skills will be taught through play, sensory activities, games, art and crafts, and interactive group discussions.  Cost is $35.00 per group, $175.00 for the module.

Ages 11-14

This therapeutic social skills group. It is designed for kids who have mild ASD and/or who would benefit from social skills development. The group will focus on improving reciprocal communication skills, peer interaction skills, and emotion regulation skills. Skills will be taught through group discussion, role plays, games, and activities.  Cost is $35.00 per group, $175.00 for the module.

Ages 15-18

This therapeutic social skills group is for kids Junior and High School ages. It is designed for kids who have mild ASD and/or who would benefit from social skills development. This group will focus on the following topics:  two way conversations, starting and joining conversations, electronic communication, appropriate use of humor, get-togethers, handling arguments, teasing, and bullying. Cost is $35.00 per group, $175.00 for the module.

Family and Community Education

Parenting Classes

Caregiver  Education Group
This 5 week group will provide education and strategies specific to autism spectrum and other neuro-developmental disorders.  Topics include: characteristics, origin, interventions, sensory integration issues, positive parenting techniques, behavior management, fostering social skills, promoting functional life skills, caregiver burnout, and advocating for your child. Cost is $35.00 per couple. 

Emotional Regulation Group
The Emotional Regulation group is a 20 week group based on the therapeutic modality DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy). The group is designed to teach tools and skills to empower clients to be “effective” in their relationships and functioning “effectively” in other areas of their lives. See flyer under "Resources" for additional information. Cost is $300.00 for 5 week module/$1200.00 for 20 week course.